Park Atlantis Relax by the sea
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Sports & recreation
Outdoor sports and swimming
Park Atlantis has 3 tennis courts and football, volleyball and basketball courts. There are also two petanque fields and there is a large playground. You can go for a swim in the nearby swimming pools of De Haan and Bredene.
Indoors sports and playground
The municipality of De Haan is particularly rich in all kinds of sports and recreation infrastructure. We suggest you visit the following centres:
- Sport and recreation centre Haneveld
- Sport complex Pier 10
- Wielingen centre
An interesting indoor playground is the family park De Sierk (42 Vosseslag, Klemskerke)
Cycling, Golf, Fishing and Horseback Riding
This region is known for its interesting cycling routes, such as the Oude Dijkenroute. Cycle sheds are available in the park and there are a number of dealers from whom you can hire bicycles and go-carts. Within walking distance of the park we find the famous golf course of De Haan, a fish pond and the stables for horses. The protected dunes offer special trails for riders.
The park itself invites hiking, because it is beautifully laid out and has some picturesque spots. There are marked hiking trails in the protected dunes. We just mention here the famous Duinbossen hiking trail. You'll find a local information office near the bridge leading to the beach.
For the very young
The sea is within walking distance and is very suitable for young children. The quality of the sand invites them to build wonderful sand castles. There is a small playground in the park, as well as a new playground in the centre of De Haan.
Just outside the park are family and speciality restaurants, some of them with regional dishes. There are plenty of shopping opportunities in the vicinity of the park. At the park there is a BBQ area, which is free of charge at the disposal of our tenants. The infrastructure of each apartment is spacious enough for self-catering.

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Special Events
Specials events are organized regularly during the summer period. Just think of the Trammelant (early August), which brings us back to the daily life of the Belle Époque and the Vosseslag festival (late July), with a procession where the legend of Mong de Vos. The municipality of De Haan publishes an event calendar each year, which is available free of charge from the information kiosk (at the pedestrial bridge) and through the website of De Haan
horseback riding

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